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Teeth Whitening: How White is Too White?

Teeth Whitening: How White is Too White?

Teeth Whitening: How White is Too White?

If you’re interested in getting your teeth whitened, you may be asking yourself: how white is too white? Here are some teeth whitening tips to help ensure you don’t go a step too far.

We’ve all seen it. Whether it’s someone you know, or perhaps a celebrity at a big event or on TV, some people just get carried away with teeth whitening

Their teeth are so white that they begin to look unnatural, and when the person smiles, it’s kind of like looking into the sun… it feels like you might be blinded if you look straight at those super bright white teeth.

So, if you’re thinking about whitening your teeth, it’s important to keep in mind that it's easy to go a little (or a lot!) too far. You want your teeth to be lighter and healthier looking, but you still want them to look natural.

There are also some serious oral health issues that can come about from bleaching your teeth too much. You can actually do damage to your enamel, which will increase the likelihood of decay and give your teeth a translucent, blue or grey appearance.

When to Stop

A good rule of thumb to avoid going too far: the ideal shade for your teeth is one that is similar to the whites of your eyes. Use that shade as a measure; Once you’ve reached it, you can stop, and focus on maintenance. We guarantee your teeth will be plenty white enough at that point.

Your dentist can also help you decide how much whitening you'll need, so be sure to discuss your expectations with him ahead of time.

Don’t compare your teeth to those of celebrities or people on TV. While this level of whiteness may in fact work for people whose job involves constantly being in front of a camera, it just won’t look right on most people in person.

And remember, teeth are not actually supposed to be stark, bright white. They have a natural pale yellow undertone, and that’s fine!

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, please be sure to contact our Surrey dentists for a consultation.

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