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Intra Oral Camera

Intra oral camera are very small, high-resolution cameras that fit inside the mouth. These little cameras allow dentists to view more accurate and detailed images of the inside their patients' mouths.

What are the benefits of an intra oral camera?

Intra oral camera are very useful chairside tools. First of all, they allows the patient to be more of an active participant in his or her oral health, since they give them a better idea of what's going on. 

Before intra oral cameras, dentist would show their patients their teeth using a mirror. This often left an unclear picture of what was going on, at best.

The intra oral camera makes it possible to get highly accurate photos of every tooth, so you and your dentist can develop a treatment plan in collaboration. These images can be saved directly to the patient's file with a click of a button.

The intra oral camera allows our dental team to take accurate before and after pictures of dental restorations, and also shows the details of a damaged tooth with greater accuracy.

Ask for information about how we use intra oral cameras during your next visit at Hanin Dental Surrey.

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